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Relais Santa Chiara - San Gimignano
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Eating in San Gimignano: a taste of Tuscany

Tuscan cuisine is made to be simple, built from simple flavors with knowing prowess. The simplicity of the dishes is connected to the difficult living conditions that forced the peasant population to prefer the use of ‘poor’ ingredients: olive oil being preferred to lard and soups to pastas. This is how the Tuscan recipes came about based on bread like panzanella, made with bread soaked in water and mixed with vegetables, pappa al pomodoro cooked with bread, garlic, parsley, basil, salt, oil, and tomatoes, and the famous ribollita born from the peasant parsimony of reheating and reboiling of this soup prepared the day before. Eating in San Gimignano, among its suggestive and ancient streets, means embarking on rich a culinary journey full of tasty surprises.

San Gimignano is a gustatory destination for refined palates but most of all for those who simply love authentic Tuscan flavors. You’ll be able to taste the truest Tuscan delicacies like pork and wild boar salamis, the Cinta Senese prosciutto, and our amazing pecorino cheese in all its different maturations. All these culinary wonders are still prepared today with knowing and rigorous care, without altering the ancient ingredients. The gastronomic offer in San Gimignano is quite vast, and you can taste the classic Tuscan flavors in traditional rustic trattorias or trying real delicacies in restaurants with a more refined atmosphere. From typical osterias to five star restaurants, our staff can suggest to you with pleasure some of the best places to taste the true Tuscan cuisine in San Gimignano.