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Relais Santa Chiara - San Gimignano
  • Handicraft

Terracotta and Ceramics in San Gimignano

San Gimignano is famous for its production and selling of beautiful local ceramics or from those coming from some of the most renowned areas of Tuscany. As you walk through the ancient city streets, you’ll have no difficulty at all coming across some picturesque artisan workshops where you can admire all the charming collections, among which you can find Renaissance-era reproductions, Della Robbia-inspired creations, and modern ceramics. The ceramics of San Gimignano and Tuscany are manufactured with humble features, but which contain within themselves the knowledge that the master craft workers have handed down over the centuries.

Tuscany in this sense has a very important role inasmuch as the historians affirm that it was truly this region that had, from the 15th century onward, a decisive leadership role in the evolution of the majolica technique. It was right during the Renaissance when ceramics was able to reach remarkable technical results giving rise to new forms and decorations. These results were the fruits of generations of toiling, eagerly kept and handed down in the artisan families from father to son. Today these marvelous creations are sought by tourists coming from all over and can be purchased at one of the many artisan workshops here in San Gimignano.